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Bill Turnbull: Former BBC Breakfast presenter dies aged 66

We are very sad to hear that  former BBC Breakfast host Bill Turnbull has died at the age of 66.
After a diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2017, Bill  had treatment at the Royal Marsden and Ipswich Hospitals, St Elizabeth Hospice and his GP…
Bill passed away peacefully on Wednesday 31st August at his home in Suffolk, surrounded by family.
It is so important you know the symptoms for prostate cancer and this is what the NHS website says…
Prostate cancer does not usually cause any symptoms until the cancer has grown large enough to put pressure on the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the penis (urethra).
Symptoms of prostate cancer can include:
- needing to pee more frequently, often during the night
- needing to rush to the toilet
- difficulty in starting to pee (hesitancy)
- straining or taking a long time while peeing
weak flow
- feeling that your bladder has not emptied fully

- blood in urine or blood in semen

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