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Educational & Sun Awareness Workshops

Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops

Don't ignore the signs.

Half of all people will receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their lifetime. It's a scary statistic, but it's a reality that we need to be prepared for.

Our Educational Workshops will do just that. The first of their kind in the UK, we have successfully provided them to over 26,000 people across Suffolk. The interactive workshops give greater awareness surrounding cancer, including lifestyle, diet, early signs and symptoms.

As they're tailored to each audience's specific requirements they're perfect for schools, businesses and community groups. They can cover specific topics such as teaching children about sun safety or teaching the local football club about testicular health, or they can be more general, depending on your need.

An early diagnosis leads to more successful and less invasive treatment, meaning what is learnt at one of our workshops really can save lives.

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Sun awareness workshops

Our sun awareness workshops focus on giving young students information about the necessity to protect themselves whilst outside, we get the message across in an interactive and fun way, using music art, props and PowerPoint.

By planting the seeds if sun safety, not just at home, but in the classroom, we can begin to evoke a much needed culture change and shift in attitudes towards sun safety. This will significantly reduce the soaring rates of skin cancer cases and deaths in the UK for our future generations.

Sun awareness workshops