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Counselling &
Complementary Therapy


At CCiS we know that the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis are difficult and complicated. People react differently to treatment both physically and emotionally, but our fully trained Cancer Specialist Counsellors are here to listen. A session will help you unload the burden you may feel in a safe space and allow for greater clarity making it easier to come to terms with what is happening and how you can manage your future.

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Complementary Therapy

Take time for yourself and indulge in one of the free complementary therapies we provide for cancer patients through our John Le Vay Cancer Information Centre at Ipswich Hospital and at the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre, Sandy Lane, Woodbridge. Complementary Therapy has been proven to reduce fear and anxiety, whilst raising self esteem, allowing for the self management of a cancer diagnosis.

It’s been such a help to get me both physically and mentally through this difficult time. It is only with this help that I am finally able to move on.